Power Booster

Bohnet GmbH newly uses a brand-new, self-propelled axle module. The 4-axle platform trailer “InterCombi Power Booster” makes it possible to transport heavy cargo uncoupled from a truck using a mobile control unit.

The new InterCombi Power Booster with shiftable driving axles can be operated as a self-propelled unit as well as coupled with other InterCombi platform trailers. The possible steering angle of 60° and the optimized steering geometry provide a high precision in maneuvering. Due to that fact the Power Booster enables transports of a payload up to 250 tons accurate to a millimeter.


Bohnet GmbH therefore benefits from a state-of-the-art, high-end equipment which fulfills three different functions: On the one hand, it can be used as a banking machine in case of a steep incline. On the other hand, in the usual road traffic, the InterCombi can be applied in a trailer combination. Furthermore, in the case of transports with limited space, the Power Booster can be controlled as a self-propelled transport combination with a mobile operating unit.

The purchase of the new InterCombi Power Booster is a crucial step concerning the consolidation and the development of our leading market position in the heavy and special transport market.